BlogThoughts and musings of a gutter sucker!

  • Busy January for Gutter Cleaning

    January 2016 has started with plenty of rain which tends to concentrate the minds of home owners who have blocked or clogged gutters.

  • How bad can gutters get?

    Preventative maintenance is always the best policy. Uncared for guttering can be time consuming, inconvenient and expensive to replace.

  • Gutter Guards – Do they work?

    Every once in a while I get asked to clear weeds that have grown in gutters and have to turn the job down.  There is or was a trend to install gutter guards, gutter brushes, gutter netting to new guttering especially in hard to reach places such as above extensions […]

  • Take a look at your gutters today

    If you’ve got weeds growing from your gutters, it’s time to take action before it gets out of hand.

  • Blocked Downpipes?

    Gravity normally clears the vertical pipe, but all sorts of gutter junk can block the opening where the downpipe meets the roof gutter.

  • Why Suck Gutters Clean?

    Sucking gutters from the ground using a powerful twin-motor vacuum and and super-light carbon fibre poles makes perfect sense.

  • Does Netting Keep My Gutters Clear?

    Netting or gutter guards are designed to keep the leaves from cluttering up and causing obstruction in your guttering. Sounds good? Well, in theory, yes.

  • How often should you clean your gutters?

    It depends on where you house is.  If you are surrounded by trees, then it’s worth doing twice a year to prevent build up and leaf matting.  Ideally once in November, December and then again in the summer.  Even if you live in a more urban environment, moss can clutter […]