Why Suck Gutters Clean?

Sucking gutters from the ground using a powerful twin-motor vacuum and and super-light carbon fibre poles makes perfect sense.  Access over outbuildings and structures like conservatories can be awkward and very high risk using ladders.  Did you know almost twice as many people died falling from ladders & steps as they did by crashing motorcycles in 2010? (stats here)

Once up the ladder, scooping moss & leaves out with your hands while gripping the ladder and also holding a bucket, is something two armed humans are not really designed for.  Unless the next evolutionary step is growing a third arm, then keeping your feet on the ground is much safer.

SkyVac 0143Accessing the rear of a property is also much easier with a vacuum on wheels about as wide as me, than trying to get a cherry picker through a gate, and driving it over your lawn.  I recently cleared the gutters of a house that had been built just three months earlier.  Trees had shed their leaves right into the guttering and water was running down the roof tiles and straight over the brimming gutters, falling 20ft or so onto a month old turfed front garden.  A cherry picker or even ladders would have damaged the turf even more.  Using my vacuum I was able to reach over the grass safely and suck out the leaves, twigs and the odd firework!

Sucking out the guttering is much more efficient.  Using your hands to scoop out the gutter clutter is just not very effective.  It’s why dustpans and household vacuums were invented!  Although the gunge that often lives in your gutter is sloppy, its all organic & very good for gardens, but you don’t really want it all over your clothes or up your arms.  Sucking is great for this.

Having to climb up and down the ladder with buckets of gunge is best left to game shows. It takes time and is not a rewarding DIY activity.  Leave it to Mr Sucky.  It’s what I’m good at.  Take a look at our Telford Gutter Cleaning prices.

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