How bad can gutters get?

1001142J.JPGSome people are embarrassed about the state of their gutters.  No need.  We’ve seen it all before, and worse!  Unfortunately, by the time you can see a weed or two peeping over the edge of the guttering, there will be a root system in place and the tendrills will be looking for joints to grow into.

Preventative maintenance is always the best policy.  Uncared for guttering can be time consuming, inconvenient and expensive to replace.  Damp caused by blocked gutters can cause problems inside the house as well as attract algae and mold to brickwork & rendering.  For many homes, a clear out once every two or three years is the best policy.  If you have lots of trees around or a mossy roof, then once a year at most.  Why not put your mind at ease and book a gutter clean today.


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